About us

Bell Agromachina Ltd., was incorporated as a Private Limited Company on March 17, 1989 and Obtained Certificate of Commencement of Business in May 1989.The company was subsequently converted in to Public Limited Company on May 1994.

The Company was engaged in the manufacturing of agricultural machinery such as Tractor trailers, MB ploughs, Spring Cultivators, Reversible Ploughs and Disc Harrow. Currently the company is into the job work to ancillaries unit of auto industry.

Main Objects of the Company
The main object of the Company is to Establish, construct, Acquire, run, Marketing and operation of manufacturing different sizes of Rotary Hoe(Rotovators), Bund Formers, Rotary Drills, Sugarcane  cutting, cotton plucking Machines, paddy and  other crop, seedings/planter Machines and combined harvesters, M.B. plough, cultivators, Disc Harrows, Blade Harrows, Reversible plough and levellers, Front End Loaders dozors, centrifugal pumps, seed cum Fertiliser, drills, Ridgers, agricultural Machinery like, Maize Sheller, Ground nut-decorticator, multi-crop-thrashers, Rice Hullers, Farm Irrigation system and spares.


Currently the Equity Shares of the Company are listed at Bangalore Stock Exchange and Bombay Stock Exchange.